Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tutorial: Paint Chip Nametags

I'm Amy, a middle school teacher from Colorado, and here's a tutorial from my blog, dwell in the season, on making colorful nametags for your class! Enjoy! 

. . . . . . . . 
It's only the beginning of August, and I've already had two nightmares about school starting sans lesson plans.

I'm getting really excited for school to start soon, but for some reason I fear not being prepared. I guess that's not too crazy. But seriously? Two scary dreams when the kids show up and I am fumbling around trying to find last years lesson plans (which would do me little good without any copies or materials prepared) or some game to play. Scary stuff, folks.

I got a sudden crafty urge the other night to make all my students' nametags. (At least they'll know where to sit even if I have nothing else prepared.) Only to find out that I have two more new students as of yesterday. Oh, well. Always glad to have more students!

Here's what you need:
paint chips
Cricut machine or pre-cut letters (or the patience to hand-cut them)
glue stick
laminator or contact paper

I started with my paint chips. 

I was very intentional about choosing the same number of warm colors as cool colors, so I can split my class up easily. (And I grabbed a few extra just in case.)

So I spent some time deciding who I want in each group when I call, "Anyone who has a warm colored nametag, go on the right side of the classroom! Cool colors on the left!" It's such an easy way to split up the class, and there are no scuffles or friend-choosing!
I cut my 12x12 paper in half, and smoothed it on my Cricut sticky sheets. (I'm sure there's a real name for them...?)
I typed in the students names on my Cricutstarting with the shortest names. That way I could most likely fit them on the nametag, and also be able to tell if I needed to adjust the sizing for longer names. 
I got out my fancy-pants Cricut tool Kit. Thanks to my mother-in-law. Because my finger nail hurts pretty bad after a while if I don't use those pick-things.
Carefully peel your paper off, leaving the letters on the sticky sheet. 
Gently take your letters off the sticky sheet. (I'm not really left handed...)
Dab a little glue on the back of the letters, and place them on your paint chip. I didn't use a ton of glue because I know I am going to laminate them so they will last all year.
Commandeer your husband's desk because yours is too messy small.
Realize it's now well past 11 pm, but you are just too darn excited about the project to stop now!

And there you have it, teachers! Also, I think these would be super cute on the front of kids' bedroom doors with their favorite color as the paint chip.